orlando therapy for stress management

We live in a society that thrives on over-performance. When you are a busy person or professional balancing competing demands on your time- perhaps work, school, parenting, or relationships- it can put you in a space of feeling like you are stretched so thin that you are dropping the ball somehow in every aspect of your life. 

Or, perhaps it feels as if so many people need something from you that there is limited energy left over for the things or people you care most about, much less yourself. 

This is where counseling can be a space to connect back with yourself and your values.

A space of permission to have boundaries.  A space to reflect and pursue growth related goals.

I have a heart and connection with all of you over-scheduled people, particularly those in health related fields, because I am one of you!  I do not make assumptions that we are impacted in the same way by stress, but there is a mutual respect and understanding that can enrich our work together.

coping skills for stress management

We will collaboratively identify your treatment needs, but there are some common themes that tend to come up when you are over-scheduled and stressed.  These include:

  • Improving sleep habits
  • Increasing willingness to prioritize your body's needs
  • Increasing your awareness of your personal strengths & resiliency
  • Setting appropriate interpersonal and emotional boundaries
  • Assertiveness Training  

It would be my privilege to provide a space of reflection and growth as you balance competing demands professionally and personally.  Don't put off your wellness any longer!