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Dr. susan tweeten welcomes You

Hello! I am Dr. Susan Tweeten, Licensed Psychologist.  I’m grateful to have a few moments with you right now to build a picture of the work we can do together. 

Empowering individuals, couples, and families to invite change into their lives inspires me as a person.  I think of therapy as a soul nurturing practice that challenges both you and me toward growth. In that way, we are truly in it together from day one. 

We will combine practical, solution-focused strategies with depth-oriented exploration to help you:

  • better understand yourself and/or relationships,

  • find your anchor in the midst of suffering,

  • learn skills to move toward what you value most in life.

This could take a couple of sessions, or be a journey that unfolds over time.  We will figure that out together.

I invite you now to learn more about my services, specialties & approach to therapy.  Wherever you are in this moment, you can know that there is someone out there sending you the energy of hope and healing.  That someone is me, and I await your call!

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