orlando therapy for overwhelmed teens

The adolescent years are a time of incredible psychological and developmental changes.  Teens of today's generation face intense pressure to perform and excel in all aspects of their lives.  This intensity of pressure can set the stage for worry, social anxiety, perfectionism, self doubt, and insecurity. 

It would be a privilege to help you step out of that space of constant striving and self doubt, and step into self knowledge and empowerment. 

At Orlando Wellness & Psychological Services, we will take time to develop trust as the foundation of our work.  I want you to know that I genuinely understand that trust has to be earned in order for us to work collaboratively together.  

Within therapy, we will balance your independent needs while also inviting your parent(s) into the process when it is necessary and beneficial.  You will always be actively engaged in this invitation so that trust and transparency can be maintained.  

evidence based counseling for teens in distress

Overall, the goal of therapy is to help you:

  • cope effectively with fear or strong emotions,
  • understand yourself and your relationships,
  • be empowered to make friends, 
  • move through pain or adversity to reach your goals.

Don't put your healing and empowerment on hold any longer.  Parents or teenagers, call today to learn more how therapy can help.