orlando therapy for self esteem & perfectionism 

We are surrounded by both subtle and overt messages that there is always room for improvement in our appearance, our grades, our work, our parenting- the list is endless!  

Even more damaging is the underlying message that perfection is the path to “happiness,” where happiness seems to be defined as looking good, feeling good, and performing optimally basically all of the time.  No wonder we as a nation are so often disappointed in ourselves!

For many people, difficulty asserting oneself seems to go hand in hand with low self-esteem & perfectionism.  Consider for a moment- have you ever been in a conversation where you had something to say but found yourself holding back because you assumed your point was not really that good or that you would not say it perfectly, only to watch someone else speak up and say what you were thinking with confidence?

If you are tired of disliking yourself, tired of holding back and second guessing while wondering how others can be so comfortable taking up space in the world, I am eagerly waiting to work with you! 

challenging the myth of perfection

We will work together to help you:

  • compassionately face your view of yourself
  • let go of the exhausting, inauthentic pursuit of perfection
  • learn what assertive communication really looks like.

I would argue that the best thing about living authentically & assertively is that even if you don’t get the outcome you hope for, you give yourself the gift of validation.  You honor your worth as a person by being willing to advocate for yourself and establish boundaries.

It would be a privilege to connect with you and witness your empowerment through our collaborative work. Don't put off your empowerment any longer!