Orlando therapy for adults

No matter what brings you to counseling, you can be assured that we will get to work within the first session to address your needs. 

You will be provided concrete, evidence based strategies & concepts to understand what your emotions are trying to communicate to you, as well as manage distressing or ineffective thoughts/behaviors. 

Alongside this skill building, we will work together to go underneath the “noise” of your thoughts to understand how patterns in your behavior and thinking are rooted in deeply held beliefs about yourself & the world, your family background, or your culture & identity. 

This kind of work can be so rich in meaning.  Watching my clients become gradually more invested in their “story” as a person is one of my absolute favorite things about being a therapist. When you are invested, you can become your own best advocate for wellness & healing.  That is what I want most for any of my clients- for you to truly see yourself and know your own worth.    


Many people delay seeking therapy because they are worried that it will take a great deal of time to make meaningful progress.  This does not have to be the case!

I am well versed in brief treatment strategies that hone in on your core needs and equip you with coping skills.  For some people, this is sufficient and they feel ready to end treatment within a few sessions.  For others, a foundation of coping skills and insight sets the stage for deeper exploration. 

We will collaboratively determine a treatment plan that is individualized to your needs.  

Don't put off this investment in yourself any longer.  This is your time for healing!