Assessment of Personality

First, let me say that true psychological assessment of personality is nothing like a Buzzfeed quiz designed to tell you about your best celebrity match based on your “personality"...(those are fun, but not very informative!)  Rather, we are talking about formal measures of your sense of self and others that are rooted in extensive research and empirical validation. 

Assessment of personality can be a vital tool in the therapeutic process.  Information regarding personality style, approach to relationships, emotional functioning, and cognitive style can help you to tap into your unique strengths in the pursuit of your goals. 

This kind of information can also help you to understand what might be getting in the way of progress within therapy or repeated problems in your mood or relationships. 

Here are some examples of questions that Personality Assessment can address:

  • Why do I continue to feel depressed even when I’m trying to feel better?
  •  Why do my relationships always seem to fizzle out?
  • Why do I keep getting into relationships where I feel taken advantage of or under-appreciated?
  • Why do I feel angry so often without knowing what triggered it?
  • Why can’t I be comfortable around other people the way others seem to be?
  • Why does it bother me so much when people do things differently than I do? 

personality testing process

1.      An interview focused on obtaining brief background information and exploring the questions you hope that testing will address for you.  This will be followed by some self-report measures focused on understanding your emotions, thought processes, behavior, relationship style, and strengths.

2.     Upon completion of the assessment report, we will meet for a feedback session to review testing results, the answers to your referral questions, recommendations, and any relevant referrals.

Please feel free to call with additional questions to find out if personality testing could help you understand yourself and get unstuck!