The office

You have made this important decision to pursue therapy as an investment in yourself, your relationship, or your family.  I strive to honor that investment not just by providing you the highest standard of care, but also by creating a space that is welcoming and nurturing to the healing process. 

The office is set in an inviting, calming environment.  The building is set on a spacious lawn, which is great for kids- and even the kid within all of us- if we want to mix things up and get outside for a session.  You are welcome to enjoy complimentary coffee or tea during our sessions.  The building is also fully ADA compliant. 

rates & Insurance information

When considering the cost and investment of therapy, it can be helpful to keep in mind that there are often ways to make therapy manageable within your budget, similar to any health-related service.  Current rates are as follows:

15 Minute Phone Consultation- Free

50 Minute Session- $130 

80 Minute Session- $205

*Some slots reserved for sliding/adjustable fee scale based on need.      

Insurance Information

Orlando Wellness & Psychological Services does not currently accept insurance.  However, you may still be able to utilize your insurance benefits if your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits or if you have a medical spending/healthcare savings account.  I do not bill insurance companies directly, but I am happy to provide detailed receipts that you could submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.  Please note that I cannot guarantee your coverage or reimbursement.  I encourage you to discuss these options directly with your insurance provider. 

I am happy to be of help as much as possible during this process in order to understand your coverage. 

Are There Any Benefits to Paying Out of Pocket for Services?

We can get started right away! With self-payment for services, there is no waiting period or confusion in verifying insurance coverage.  You can simply schedule an appointment at your convenience and we can get to work.

We can collaboratively determine the best treatment plan to address your needs without outside influence. When insurance is utilized, the insurance carrier may limit the amount of sessions covered, dictate frequency of sessions, or limit coverage based on their definition of "medically necessary" treatment.  The work I want to do with you is anchored in principles of collaboration, empowerment, and taking ownership of your goals.  The limitations of insurance coverage are often directly in conflict with this value. 

 Your confidentiality is respected to the fullest extent of the law and ethical standards when you pay directly for services.  When insurance pays for mental health services, your diagnosis and information regarding treatment progress become part of your health record.  When you pay out of pocket, there is greater personal control over who has access to information regarding past or current mental health treatment.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.