orlando Couples Therapy

With the rush of managing work demands, family responsibilities, parenting, social obligations, etc it is no wonder that so many couples lose connection with one another. 

Relationship distress can manifest as constant arguing or conflict.  Other times, it is the subtle erosion of intimacy over time, where you begin to function more like roommates than committed partners.  

Couples therapy may help if you find that you and/or your partner:

  • feel emotionally isolated within the relationship
  • continually argue about the same, repetitive issues
  • are considering separation or divorce
  • worry that your relationship distress is impacting your children
  • are struggling with physical and emotional intimacy

Evidence Based couples counseling

Our work together will be primarily informed by the Gottman Method of marital or couples therapy.  The Gottman Method is a research based approach that emphasizes skills to manage conflict alongside concepts to genuinely build friendship and trust within your partnership.  

Ready to better understand your partner and re-build connection? Let's start now!